About Bri

Bri, would have to include my four amazing Children… My Teachers…

We are all taught to be humble and modest, even to the point of self-deprecation at times. I personally had resistance posting an ‘About Me’ page partly out of humility and partly out of a desire for privacy.

I’m writing a little bit about myself for two reasons. First, while I do believe some humility keeps us from being blinded by our ego or overly self-absorbed, I also think too much is inhibiting and keeps us from being bold and following our truest desires. Secondly, I owe it to all readers to tell you a little bit about my experiences and life lessons.

My 1st passion is health. Health is what led me in to Internet Marketing by way of my 1st MLM experience in the end of the year 2009. I was given this replica site with no idea how to promote it. My up-line was almost completely computer illiterate. I began researching & investing time & money in to figuring out the formula for building a successful home business & I knew the internet was a very important part of the picture that I definitely needed to grasp. But how?

I had been reading & researching the concept of making money online on my own for a little under a year; when I decided to take a dive in & seek assistance. Everyone said I was being unrealistic & that there weren’t that many doing it. That it was something you hear about but non of us had met any actually doing it.

March 1st 2010 my 1st physical & finacial dive in to Internet Marketing began. I made my first real investment of $500 in to an internet marketing training program. This 6 week program had many things to offer. It just was not user friendly enough for a complete newbie, like myself. It also lacked accessible support when needed.

I have invested many thousands in slightly over three years to date. I’ve picked up many nuggets along the way. The greatest lessons so far being: It is important to have 1 or more mentors along the way. The answers to an internet marketers prays is knowing how to build a list & what tools you will need along the way to accomplish this. Then of course what tasked need be performed on a day to day basis to gain online success.

I love to learn new things. I study All areas of a healthy lifestyle, seeker of truth & simplicity. I am the mad scientist. I believe but always verify.

The future is precious!



If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.

You will get all you want if you help enough

other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar


With that stated this site is dedicated to the link that was missing in my whole marketing program. This was having a physical mentor; someone willing to engaging with me in thier on & off line activities to gain success. Guiding me to what I really needed to be doing; with some detail & their availability to assist, guide & direct. I am to duplicate that gift with All that join me in an exciting journey through & to wealth. I am a willing & able body.

My life is full, My children were born at home & have been at home ever since. Un-schooling with my children as well as myself, generating income from entrepreneurship and maintaining a natural home in all aspects of life can be a juggle at times. If I can do it, I have total faith that anyone can do it. This site is assisting me in helping myself reinforce programming my mind into loving learning new information as part of everyday life & applying it daily in a consistent way; while being able to help others as all you visitors help me commit to growing my knowledge base to advance myself & assist others in doing the same.

Thank you all!

Be sure to opt-in so I can keep you posted on the health & regeneration site that am putting together to share great concepts, experiments & information with you in the near future; full of ideas to assist in making our financial wealth & health advance together. Our mental, emotional & physical wealth must rise with our financial wealth so that we may enjoy the blessings. (coming soon)



Aspiring Internet Marketer – 2010

Wholistic Health Consultant/Speaker – All my life and Certified since – 2007

Culinary Chemist – Creator of raw & low tempered foods sold locally – 2003

Un-Schooling Mom – 2001

Natural Hair Stylist – 2000-2012

Roofing & Remodeling – 1995-1999

Cosmetologist – 1992-2012

Nail Technician – 1990-2007



Love Gardening & All that come along with it.

Love All types of Music & Dance.

Love Food Chemistry.

Love Arts, Crafts & Writing

Love Reading & Absorbing New Realities – Truth Seeker